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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 30, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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firetrucks showing up and there on ham shire place. and we're getting a bunch of pictures from viewers of the flames. >> reporter: are going to work on and did teen and getting brought a deal that we do we will go back to him. . >> pam: a suspected car thief wrecked havoc on san francisco streets this morning. >> pam: police say the man stole this red utility truck from a construction site, then slammed into numerous vehicles as he tried to get away.sometimes going the wrong way on a one way street. this security video shows him backing into a limo after he was boxed in at a stop light on market street >> pam: eventually the suspect abandoned the red pickup near civic center
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plaza. >> pam: there a san francisco firefighter in the area tackled the man, and he was arrested and will likely be charged with numerous counts of hit and run as well as car theft. >> reporter: happening today 20 million gal. of water and counting that is how much gushed out when a 93 year old water main burst near the campus of ucla gushed out. >> reporter:ucla's pauley pavilion is drying out from flood los angeles - ucla's storied basketball arena pauley pavilion is drying out after the court was deluged by 10 inches of water when a 93- year-old water main burst angeles' westwood neighborhood. >> reporter:ucla chancellor gene block says workers were busy cleaning up and assessing damage from tuesday's flood. he says they hope to quickly floor. >> reporter:athletic director dan will play in pauley this fall, either on a refurbished or new court. the 49-year-old building containing precious
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artifacts from the john wooden era was renovated for $136 million less than two years ago. >> reporter: parking structures will also flooded creek no crews are trying to repair the roads with the water main ruptured at sunset boulevard. the expect it will take at least one other day to get the now get be rolled back to normal. to get the road back to normal fortunately no one was injured. >> pam: rob we can hear you now. >> reporter: 2 homes here on hampshire place one is
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destroyed and the other fairly damaged. get a quick look at it to see what is left. that has a shake roof on it. the other one has a title roof. you see where it started and quickly transferred to the house on the left. >> reporter: firefighters in really responded to the scene. as soon as they sought it spreading to the home next door to call that a second alarm creek and then a third and fourth and finally a fifth alarm. over hundred firefighters here. can you imagine witnessing your home on fire here. shopping gilroy when they received a call from the alarm company. they had no idea so they drove back to san jose in some other house on fire. i spoke with them a
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little bit later. >> were shopping in gilroy and received a call from the alarm company saying that there was glass breaking in our house. we came back to see what was the story and some that it was in flames. so see and it with flames shooting off the roof was pretty hard creek >> we will have to lift some different and strange way for a long while which is kind of tough to face. i have been digesting this for a couple of hours while i was watching my house burned. but i think god that everyone was safe. >> reporter: as bill stafford told us everyone here did get out. they were not home but the people next door did get out. is thought
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to be accidental starting in the backyard of home #one parent live from san jose >> pam: san francisco - the man prosecutors say headed a crime syndicate based in san francisco's chinatown has pleaded not guilty to a new charge of racketeering. >> pam: raymond "shrimp boy" chow was in federal court wednesday to enter the plea to a newly filed indictment that carries all the same charges as the old one, but also includes a racketeering count. the indictment says he served as gang leader of a corrupt chinatown community organization that bribed a state senator and crimes. >> we are not very much challenged said it will come a time when evidence is produced what we say over and over again at the core of the case the government does not have any hard evidence against our client that he participated in any of these crimes.
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>> pam: the racketeering count orchestrated a wide- range of alleged criminal activity, including the bribing of state sen. leland yee. yee is also charged with racketeering in the new indictment in addition to bribery charges. he is scheduled to enter a plea thursday. >> catherine: two new attacks in gaza have pushed the palestinian death toll above 1,300 in more than three weeks of fighting. israeli strikes today hit a crowded shopping area in gaza city, where palestinian officials say at least 16 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. hours earlier, tank shells tore through the wall of a u.n. school that was crowded with war refugees, killing at least 17 people and wounding 90 others. >> catherine: israel says its soldiers had been targeted by mortar rounds that were launched from the area of the school, and they fired back. the attack on the u.n. school in the jebaliya refugee camp was the second deadly strike on a u.n. compound in a week. >> catherine: a palestinian health official says 114 palestinians were killed 1,359 since the start of fighting. >> catherine: the israeli military says three of its soldiers were killed when a
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booby-trapped house collapsed after they identified an entrance to a tunnel inside. that raised to 56 the number killed since a ground war began earlier this month. >> catherine: a deadly attack on a u.n. school in the gaza strip is bringing condemnation from the united states and the u.n. tank shells slammed into the compound before dawn, killing at least 17 people. israel says it was firing back after mortars were launched from the area. hours later, israeli strikes hit a crowded shopping area, killing 16 people. a white house spokeswoman says the united states is "extremely concerned" that thousands of palestinians aren't safe in u.n.-designated shelters, even after they've been warned by israel to leave their homes. >> pam: for international investigators. getting to the crash site of malaysia airlines flight -17. is more of a quest than a mission right now. >> pam: teams were denied access for a fourth straight day. because of heavy fighting in eastern ukraine. ukrainian officials are reporting a new hazard at the crash site. they say, rebels have booby -trapped the crash area with land mines. >> pam: but that report is now under >> pam: coming up at 5-15. >> pam: when it comes to exercise. even a little can go a long way. the workout that claims to transform your life. >> pam: at 5-30.
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>> pam: the deadly ebola disease continues to spread. an update on the action the peace corps and authorities are taking. to try and contain the outbreak. >> pam: but first -- a generous tip left at a california bagel shop. generating buzz. next
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>> reporter:bagel works store? >> reporter:the shop posted the receipt on their facebook page a few days ago. >> reporter:saying -- " check out this tip we got. i think that's more than 10- percent. come on people a few more of those and i can retire.ha! scary thing is, visa authorized it" >> reporter:the meal cost 8- dollars. so the tip is more than 500-thousand percent over the actual cost of the food. the shop's co-owner says the tip was left through a new tipping machine. >> reporter:and believes the tip was a mistake. >> reporter:and reversed the 43-thousand dollar tip left on the card. and just charged the credit card 8- dollars. the accidental tipper has not come forward. >> pam: still ahead. >> pam: two pizza delivery drivers dominoes. >> pam: is a sunnyvale store being targeted by the best. t
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>>quick bursts of exercise can improve the health of people over 60, according to a new study. >> pam: researchers in scotland say they put men and women over the age of 60 through a biking exercise. >> pam: they had them bike quickly for six seconds, then rest a minute, then go quickly for another six seconds. >> pam: this type of activity is called high intensity training. >> pam: researchers say the participants' bursts of activity gradually increased to a full minute of total exercise. >> pam: after six weeks, researchers found that the participants' blood pressure dropped byalso, their day to day activities were easier. >> pam: the researchers say short, sharp exercise sessions put than longer, more intensive ones. >> pam: new at five. >> pam: santa clara police have just released this video of two suspects using a stolen credit card.
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>> pam: police say a person reported their wallet missing on june 20th in mountain view. >> pam: later that same day. >> pam: police say two suspects used the victim's card at bed bath and beyond on stevens creek boulevard in santa clara. >> pam: you can see them both in the lower left side of the screen. >> pam: police ask if you recognize either suspect, to contact the department. >> pam: sunnyvale police are investigating two robberies involving pizza delivery drivers. both employees work at the same dominos pizza on caliente drive. kron4's will tran reports. >> reporter: sunnyvale police are searching for the suspect they believe are responsible for both robberies. happening on monday they drop off pete's up and head back to the car. two men approached him and force them back into the car with one guy at placing a gun to the back of his head and take money and his car. the other driver drops of the pizza hut has back to his car with the same thing
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happening only, he fights back and run to the customer home calling the police officers. by time the investigators a rat the suspects were long gone. this does happen to be a crime of opportunity? >> pam: oakland mayor jean quan filed papers today -- she's seeking re-election to a second four year term. quan -- who previously served on oakland's city council and its school board, surprised many political observers by winning a close election in 2010. >> pam: she faces a difficult task in the november election.going up against 16 other candidates. >> pam: some of the well- known names -- challenging quan's seat. city councilmembers rebecca kaplan and libby schaaf. >> pam: the oakland city council has rejected a proposal thatraised the city's minimum wage more gradually than a competing proposal that will go before the city's voters on the november ballot. >> pam: the current minimum wage in oakland and across the state is $9 an hour.
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>> pam: the lift up oakland coalition, an alliance of community, labor, small business and faith organizations, gathered more than 33,000 signatures >> pam: to place a measure on the ballot that would raise the minimum wage to $12.25 an hour for all workers next march 1. it also includes cost-of-living hikes in following years. >> pam: the city council voted two weeks ago to formally placeinitiative on the ballot. >> pam: city council president pat kernighan and city councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney said they're concerned that the measure's 36 percent increase in the minimum wage could hurt small businesses and nonprofit groups, so they proposed an ordinance that would have raised oakland's minimum wage for most employers to $11 per hour next july 1 and to $13 an hour on july 1, 2017. their proposal also included a second tier phase-in period for small businesses and exemptions for training programs and youth jobs. however, the council voted against the ordinance by a
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>> reporter: the trees are among the largest and oldest living things on earth. officials said there is no immediate lift for growth that are contained loss' was still in evacuation yosemite national park of that is hoping that is trying to figure out the reason for that fire. 90 percent contained but more than 4219 homes and set 47 outbuildings have been destroyed. only one minor injury has been reported since the fire started friday. it was caused by a car driving in to try digitation. . >> jacqueline: it is how it all out there. especially in land. 1 01 in antioch right
5:20 pm
now with 96 and their field and 94 in livermore creek olympic '80s and much of the north bay. we are also keeping our eye on the thunderstorm threat stills the showers at the era. sierra spirit we're starting to push up in monterey. showers may be coming within but largely sting to the south and east. as for showers in the sierra de are producing lightning strikes. tonight the fault will return print it will remain hot especially inland. cooler weather is i had. >> pam: did teen pulled over
5:21 pm
for speeding is bad enough but in texas, one man's car was sideswiped while he has while he was stopping. it was all caught on the officers-cam jacob love this car in cannot believe that this car was hit. the deputy you pull them over has shucked his own door seconds before the truck came pass. >> reporter: the track record that crashed into the car received two citations. >> pam: coming up next food matters how much is too much? calling up a milk essay is not good for your help at all. plus the hunted becomes the haunted
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save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. >> pam: take a look at this! the roles were reversed in this fish tale when a goliath grouper attacked a florida spearfisherman. arif sabir just caught a smaller fish when the 300 to
5:25 pm
400-pound grouper spotted food and headed his way. >> pam: you can see the fish biting arif's flipper and then quickly bite the smaller amberjack from the spear before swimming off. >> pam: a nutrition watchdog group has identified the unhealthiest meal at a restaurant chain.and the calorie count may surprise you. >> pam: they say it's the monster double burger, with bottomless fries and a monster milkshake at red robin. and the number of calories? over 35-hundred. >> pam: the group looked at more than 200 chain restauarnts for this year's edition of the xtreme eating awards. >> pam: the award goes to dishes that are high in calories, fat, sugar, and salt. while red robin takes the number one spot. >> pam: the cheesecake factory offers the highest number of the unhealthiest meals---coming in at three. ries...
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>> catherine: mark the store's success story is a drone and she loves it. some given to her as a gift and now she says she is hook. now everyone should think about getting a drawn. drone. how french royalty would have loved this her die-hard fans are in fact, and lack of their own drum. >> pam: coming up at 5:30. a california teen survives >> pam: cancer twice his new challenge that's making it hard keep a smile on his face. >> pam: plus -- the deadly ebola outbreak.
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great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle, see how much you could save. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: to ninth at 530. a deadly ebola outbreak deepens and that. meanwhile at the peace corp
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is evacuating from liberia and sierra leone. catherine heenan is back with the latest on the outbreak. >> catherine: the deadliest ebola outbreak in history claimed its first american victim. and now, there are world- wide fears that the virus could be difficult to contain. mary mueller has the latest. >> reporter: >>"i wanted him here with me, and the girls" >> reporter:patrick sawyer was working in liberia as a government official for the ministry of finance. he was planning to travel to minnesota to celebrate his daughters' birthdays next month. >>"i had to tell her that her daddy is in heaven now, and she said, "well i thought he was in liberia." >> reporter:sawyer's wife, decontee, says her husband was visiting his sister, in liberia, who was ill. she says he had no idea what was awaiting him.
5:31 pm
>>"they didn't know it was ebola. so they thought she may have malaria, so he was helping. had he known, he would have definitely taken better precautions." >> reporter:the world health organization says the current outbreak in west africa has claimed at least 672 lives. at least 1200 people in guinea, sierra leone and liberia have been infected. >> reporter:the virus is spread through contact with a sick person's bodily fluids. >> reporter:as for the threat of an outbreak in the u.s. officials remain cautiously optimistic. >>"in the united states, you have much better resources, you'd be able to isolate someone, provide whatever supportive theropy in terms of fluids, things like that to the person. so they'd have a much better chance a of surviving, and b not turning into an outbreak." >> reporter:the cdc has issued an alert to u.s. health workers to be on the lookout for any patients who have recently traveled to west africa. >> reporter:but, what makes it hard is that it takes two to 21 days for a infected person to show symptoms. i'm mary mueller reporting. >> reporter:here's what you need to know about ebola.
5:32 pm
there is no vaccine or cure for the virus. >> reporter:though between 60 - 90-perecent of those who catch it die. unlike the flu - ebola does not spread easily. >> reporter:to get ebola, you have to come into direct contact with a sick person's body fluids such as blood or vomit. >> reporter:the incubation period for someone who has been exposed is between 2 - 21 days. >> reporter:people are not contagious during this time - only after symptoms appear. symptoms may include fever, diarrhea and vomiting. >>even if we had a case introduced in the united states, the likelihood and probability of extensive spread is extremely small. >> reporter:if someone does get sick in the united states, health experts stress the illness will likely be contained quickly. >> reporter:
5:33 pm
>> pam: while most people would not go near the ebola outbreak in africa right now, one bay area woman left to the center of the outbreak. kron 4's vicki liviakis caught up with her.and why she's risking her life to go there. >> reporter:natalie wisniewski of san francisco is packing her bags with surgical gloves, and baggies full of hand sanitizers. >>kills 99.97% of germs the germ she's afraid of is ebola - the killer virus. >> reporter:but she says it's worth the risk to adopt her teenage son kai - an orphan and distant relative who she says has a bright future. >>and sanitary disinfectants >> cheerful and trying to go as armed with information >> reporter:wisniewski is a bio-medical engineer headed straight for the epicenter of the ebola outbreak - sierra leone in west africa,
5:34 pm
>> reporter:her son is texting her that the top doctor there has just died after being exposed. no doctor for ebola. >> reporter:and that's what spurring her on. before the outbreak and red-tape make it impossible to bring kai back to her home in san francisco. >>yes he's 14 and my dream is that he could be here to enroll in high school. >> reporter:the cab has arrived to take her to sfo. but she gets a last minute text - about cancelled flights to that part of the world. >>i hope i can get thru >> reporter:we follow her to the airport. >>it's going the flights are going! >> reporter:the new mom booked herself one-way tickets because given the health crisis, she's not sure just how long it'll take. >> reporter:in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: 99 in livermore and 96 and concord and plaza 10th pick up and the north bay we hit 89 and
5:35 pm
88 and not talk. napa trick we are looking life with the 72 bridge mostly sunny right now creek still keeping an eye on the tropical moisture from the south of us creek bringing showers from the central valley and sierra. coming close to the bay area this afternoon. i do not think it will hit us but we will talk more about the cooler weather on the way. >> pam: keeping and smile on his face. >>singing >> when he was down when we were down he was up and pray. he was sent from a
5:36 pm
list price. >> reporter: is looking at another challenge >> i had my teeth remote because they were loose. >> insurance said that it was not a medical issue issue but of course, it was from a medical issue current >> reporter: alex does not want to burden them so they are having a raffle. >> i would tell just one day at the time and that is how we have always taking its. >> reporter: taking advance classis. already, planning for college. >> i would like to be a counselor and major in psychology so that i may help others like i do in
5:37 pm
school. >> reporter: keep on showing keep on enjoying life. >>singing >> pam: and the amazing story. >> pam: first, and a row going through a bad break up takes to social media to ease her heartbreak. coming up.
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>> catherine: it's hard to get over an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. but one girl has a creative way. >> catherine: she's photoshopping picturesthese pictures come from her tumbler page--beyoncify my boyfriend. >> catherine: on her page, she says breakups are easier by reimagining her happy times with beyonce.
5:41 pm
>> catherine: she started off by posting a photoshopped picture to twitter earlier this year. >> catherine: it got over 3000 retweets. that's when she decided to create the tumbler page. >> catherine: and she's offering to beyoncify other people's exes.and says she'll be soon. >> pam: an elderly woman pushed to the ground in rock. pushed to the ground and rob. stanford is taking a steps >> jacqueline: low cloud coverage clinching. cooler weather ahead and that will have the full forecast coming up. [ shelly ] as a gradua of devry university
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5:45 pm
or deal was right here just pulling her part of the machine and grabbing her cache creek that is when she received more than what she bargained for. >> reporter: 87 year old still recovering after three weeks of being knocked down at the atm. >> the set surveillance pictures of the robber. >> reporter: san is started a run 6:00 in the evening when a woman approached her helping asking to help her with the transaction. but she grabbed my hand and she pulled. >> i got a good look at her face. and i landed flat on the ground. >> reporter: the levy grant away and got into a car and drove off jean reached into
5:46 pm
her purse and to grant a cellphone to contact 911 but however, heard battery was down. jean started yelling for help. second >> maybe, a woman came along on a bicycle and at the sheet to help i said yes please, called 911 creek >> reporter: she is always felt safe but now? >> i guess the moral of the story is that you have to be aware of everything around you. >> reporter: has been a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the answers in this case >> jacqueline: will hit 90
5:47 pm
degrees nearby and a bottle. alex look from our roof campus at the to the low clouds starting to approach clinking to the coast line. also, high cloud coverage for it thunderstorm showers over the sierra. tropical moisture coming from the sale. you can see is kind of edging at monterrey in portions of the south bay into the evening. -you concede the pushing back of the local out by tomorrow morning. not nearly as extensive than what we saw today will be back up the coast by noon. strong permanent out of the north. expecting to be politically tomorrow because of the cloud. will be in the mid '60s and '70s for the most part. we will also seek a
5:48 pm
lease for the east bay shoreline and to put woman there because of its being last less fog. >> jacqueline: triple digits and antioch and the bread would. 94 and walnut creek and 95 in danville and livermore. 80s and 90s out in morgan hill. 90 and campbell 89 and mountain view. 89 and now pot. napa >> jacqueline: things will start to cool down, will gradual. same thing in to the next week. keeping the temperature pretty stagnant. >> reporter: big news today hindi u.s. economy
5:49 pm
>> contraction for gdp current 4% to goldilocks but-is too cold. so today numbers will make the first six months look pretty good. consumer spending is a great part bart economy and we are up 2 1/2%. this is better than expected. it is nice to see that the economy is looking good. employee years are adding an employee the spirit this is what we have been talking about for the last nine months >> reporter: >> a lot of people are seeing the world cup is the issue occurred and they are seeing that it is not accurate when of the broad expanse of tech companies in
5:50 pm
regard to sales. last quarter was dismal career >> they are spending aggressively and that is what we get out of this is the monthly user's grew 24%. downside on twitter is the expense of spot and you have to look at the future. i will own and an opponent for five-to-10 years. that's how you have to look at it. >> reporter: face, but it is dropping their give section on the web site there. >> so they shut down the physical part in the gift cards. they will not get up but they will go to a buy but did pretty soon. they are focused on key, and they will not allow that want to drop.
5:51 pm
>> reporter: it will be a buy button and not a gift button. >> reporter: this new entrant this new invention built by a local entrepreneur or is creating a lot of buzz. so simple yet so good. gabe slate coming up after the break.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:a chaotic scene throughout downtown san francisco today. as a man smashes into several cars after allegedly stealing a utility vehicle. >> pam:at least a half dozen cars were damaged before the suspect abandoned the stolen vehicle and was arrested near san francisco city hall. >> pam:amazingly no pedestrians were injured, despite the fact that the suspect did some of his driving on sidewalks. >> pam:tonight kron 4's dan kerman traces his journey
5:59 pm
in san jose. >> reporter: heading towards a market street with security video shows what happens next when he was boxed in a stop light. >> heard people screaming in front of us permit the spread utility truck came back and backed right into me then going up on the curve and down occurred almost hitting people. >> reporter: unbelievably he and passengers were injured were not injured. >> reporter: from their the suspect who headed down south finessed amish heading a wrong way down the street. >> i thohat he would just run away but he kind of hesitated pyrrhic it became clear that he was torn to plow through all of the vehicles.
6:00 pm
>> >> reporter: the suspect vehicle jumped on the sidewalk taking out several trees before going into the car wash exit. >> it hit one of the vehicles that was going to get a car wash. the the >> reporter: to the suspect and then did the bill only to be tackled by a firefighter in the area and taken into custody it is unclear what the total amount of damage totals up to. >> pam: and san jose firefighters had their hands busy today with a fast moving blaze that destroyed one home and damaged another. >> pam: tonight, crews are still on the scene monitoring hot spots. kron 4's rob fladeboe has the latest, including what investigators are saying about the cause of the fire.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: are arriving on the scene shortly after the fire was reported at 1122 wednesday morning. its two- story home on hampshire place is fully engulfed and threading a similar home next door. >> to holmes one is completely damaged the other is partially damaged. we are still went to the overhaul process right now s >> reporter: second alarm was called san followed by a third, fourth and fifth alarm. bill stafford could only watch as his home the one on the left, was heavily damaged. >> we lost a lot of things. obviously, they are just things but we will have to live and strange and different way for a long while. i am digesting this for a couple of hours now as
6:02 pm
my home is in flames. >> reporter: nonetheless, finally brought under control after 1:00 p.m. no one was hurt. at one point there were 100 firefighters on the scene after the fire alarms. other cities came here to take place is of the fires bidders that are currently here. firefighters creek fire was presumed to be accidental >> reporter:happening today. >> reporter:20- million gallons of water and counting. that's how much water officials say has so far gushed out.when a 93 year old water main burst near the campus. >> reporter:u-c-l-a's chancellor says worekrs are busy cleaning up. and assessing damage from yesterday's flood. >> reporter:the famed pauley pavilion is still drying out after the court was deluged with nearly a foot of water. the chancellor says they
6:03 pm
hope to quickly repair or replace the arena floor. >> reporter:and despite shutdown efforts.the l-a department of water and power says the burst pipe is releasing 1- minute! >> reporter:that's dramatically down from yesterday. when water was seen cascading into u-c-l-a's sports pavilion and parking structures. >>ucla is very wet but fortunately for us at least the flood is over and we're just restoring functions. so, we're busy pumping out our two parking garages that got inundated >> reporter:now crews are also trying to repair the road where the water main erupted under sunset boulevard. they expect it will take at least another day to get the road back to normal. >> reporter:at least three people were rescued from an underground parking garage, but no one was injured in the flooding. >> jacqueline: sunnyside sunny skies around the bay
6:04 pm
area this afternoon. as we look at the roof can you can start to see the low cloud covers returning from the coast line. temperatures are still warm away from the coast line, and that we are still at 100 degrees in antioch and 93 in pleasanton. south bay we are in the '70s and '80s and same thing for the north bay which '60s in 70 degree temperatures inside the bay. >> jacqueline: the team to see lightning strikes with those of showers as well. cloud coverage approaching monterrey. you can see it will catch a little closer to the south bay. but i still think it will stick to the east of us creek mainly tonight, fog will return 80s and 90s practically bay area wide however, we will cool
6:05 pm
down as we head into the weekend. >> pam: an update tonight on two wildfires burning in our state. evacuation orders were lifted and all roads reopened in the area around the sand fire burning east of sacramento. >> pam: the fire has burned more than 4-thousand acres and is now 90-percent contained. calfire says they expected to have the fire fully contained by friday. >> pam: about 100 miles away. the yosimite fire is just 34-percent contained. people in the town of el portal were allowed to return to their homes. >> pam: three campgrounds in the yosimite national park are closed, and the u-s forest service says flames are threatening giant sequoia trees. >> pam: the san francisco 49ers are working to make parking at the new stadium easy. the first game is quickly approaching. >> pam: and 49ers officials set up a new interactive parking page--complete with instructional videos to help stadium visitors. >> pam: the videos show
6:06 pm
preferred routes to take on event days.and the locations of available lots. 49ers officials have also created an app to help with the game day commute. >> pam: straight ahead, a new indictment for the man accused of running a crime ring in san francisco's chinatown. >> pam: plus, the violence, gaza. innocent victims, starting to pile up. >> pam: the latest on this very volitile situation. and the world is on alert as the deadly ebola outbreak in africa, gets worse. >> pam: stay with us.
6:07 pm
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>> pam: a not guilty plea from a san francisco man prosecutors say headed a crime syndicate. >> pam: raymond "shrimp boy" chow appeared in federal court today on a newly filed indictment that includes racketeering. >> pam: chow's attorney says his client is innocent of all charges and is eager to testify on his own behalf. >> pam: suspended state senator leland yee also faces new racketeering charges and will be arraigned in federal court tomorrow. >> pam: the oakland mother accused of leaving her two toddlers gambled, now faces felonly child abuse charges. >> pam: police arrested 'phaley nget' july 20th after police found her daughters locked inside a car at livermore's casino 580. >> pam: surviellance video showed she was in the casino for nearly 30 minutes.but told the police she left her
6:10 pm
kids for 5 minutes. >> pam: the kids are now in protective custody. >> pam: targeted in sunnyvale: >> pam: two men approached them and put a gun to his head hit and stole his money and the vehicle. police said the same thing happens when our letter to another driver. but that time the driver fought back and got a way. >> pam: the chief a tech company in union city says thieves stole a half-million dollars' worth of phone charges from its warehouse. the chief marketing officer of u n u electronics, say
6:11 pm
the thieves to gain access to the warehouse by cutting a 3 ft. hole in one of the metal loading doors. they say that they got away with three pallets full of charged and brought accessories the company had to put up a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the rest of those responsible. >> pam: and fighting counter for an alameda man who came face-to-face with a crawler. if you're so tough, crack this thick slice of
6:12 pm
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pay-tv providers. don't mess with free tv
6:14 pm
>> pam: the hunt is on tonight for an inmate who took off from sonoma county. police are looking for zephyr malik carter. >> pam: he walked away from a farm sonoma county jail monday morning. >> pam: police say carter has ties to oakland. and that his last known address was in hayward. he was serving more than two years in prison for theft and credit card fraud.
6:15 pm
if you've seen police. >>only on 4: >> pam: a homeowner catches a prowler on camera. stalking a quiet bay area community. >>in my mind i am thinking i might have a real problem here >> reporter:john mcclure was home working in his front yard.when he almost stumbled into real trouble. >> i just happen to be coming back here looking for another part and confronted him coming out of the officef >> i said who are you and what are you doing here? >> reporter:one of the 5 security camera's around his gibbons drive house shows us what happened right before that interaction. the suspect in a white tshirt and jeans , walks in and starts looking around the backyard. >> reporter:then he heads towards the back office, which was left unlocked. >> reporter:moments later, john walks back and catches the suspect standing there. they have a brief, awkward chat. >> and he was pontificating about what he was doing for business and he was looking
6:16 pm
>> reporter:john gets the guy to leave and checks his office his computer and important documents look untouched >> reporter: that is the spooky part >>so i am a little leary he got something but hopefully >> reporter:to alert his neighbors, john has posted these signs on light poles. warning to use "extreme caution" around the suspect. he is now left on edge thinking. after getting a good look at his property. the suspect might come back. >> every time i hear a noise it is like what is that? >> catherine: for the second time in a month -- a school in gaza has been hit. a u-n school where mostly children and families were taking shelter.all of them civilians.
6:17 pm
>> catherine: at least 17 people have been killed.and roughly a hundred wounded. >> catherine: the united nations says it has determined that the weapons came from the israeli military. and that there was no question that israel had any confusion about who and whatthey were targeting. >> we have notified the israeli army 17 times. we have told them of course, that there were 3300 people in that facility. >> catherine: israel claims there had been some mortar rounds launched from the area. palestinians say that's not true. >> catherine: many animals were killed in the attack. >> catherine: also today -
6:18 pm
israel targeted a crowded shopping area in gaza city.where at least 16 people were killed and more than 200 wounded. >> catherine: at least 114 palestinians were killed today -- bring the total to 13-hundred-59 since the fighting began. >> reporter:the deadliest ebola outbreak in history has claimed its first american victim. and now, there are world- wide fears that the virus could be difficult to contain. mary mueller has the latest. >> reporter: boyle has not suffered in the u.s. but they are confident. if fate had been dusted are able to quickly contain it. >> jacqueline: as we continue to see tropical
6:19 pm
moisture, up from the south. we are seen thunderstorms over the sierra at this hour. we are also seen lightning strikes. and in toward the south bay, cloud coverage coming up from the south it could continue to clipper portions of the bay area. it does not look like we will see any thunderstorm however,we will see fog. clearing closely back to the coast line tomorrow. we should see clearing at the coast with stronger winds. mid-60s and 70's in san francisco. we are glad to see less here predict also to the east bay shore spirit 81 in san leandro, 83 in union city and it will be hot in inland valleys. 100
6:20 pm
and antioch and 101 in redwood. 91 in san ramon and 97 in livermore. we will also see nineties and the south bay. 96 in morgan hill, a real hot there and is that the clara and campbell patrick real close touch the 90 degree mark in a bottle and san rafael. >> jacqueline: we are expecting cooling conditions it was not cool off clearly but it will cool creek after the sunshine and temperatures again, and downward trend into early next week or it will stay in the upper 80s inland and 70's inside the bay.
6:21 pm
>> reporter:the results are in. telemarketing abuse and fraud were among the fastest-growing complaints by american consumers. l >> reporter:that's according to the latest survey by consumer federation of america anddespite the national do-not-call registry and rules concerning robocalls, consumers in the u-s still get a lot of unwanted phone >> reporter: that tick americans off include. improvement work, credit card disputes, and retail purchases. female announcer: you're on the right track to save
6:22 pm
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6:24 pm
>> pam: shadow cliffs park in pleasanton is back open to swimmers today. the park closed to swimmers since last week because of high e coli levels. officials say they tested the water on monday and got good results. >> pam:they say the decrease is likely due to a combination of biodegradable algaecide and the installation of fencing to keep geese from congregating on the beach. >> pam:lake temescal in oakland remains closed
6:25 pm
tonight. officials say they added some treatment to the water that should reduce the toxic algae. >> pam:it's a product used for killing algae in reservoirs and other bodies of water around the bay area. we're told it could still be several days before it is reopened. >> pam: in san francisco, thousands of jelly fish have been washing ashore along ocean beach. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight along the coast with details and a closer look. >> pam: well, apparently these jelly fish have been here for a few days.. most of them are now dead and starting to dry out, but it is still pretty odd. >>i was just running and i looked down and thought there's an abundance >>josh reyes runs along ocean beach a couple times a week >> pam: he says the jelly fish started washing ashore last week and that now they are everywhere. from the cliff house all the way down to the zoo. thousands. perhaps tens of thousands of jelly fish are now dead and drying out on the sand. these are most likely what are called moon jellyfish, and it's not uncommon for large groups. or clouds to be washed ashore by big
6:26 pm
waves. jelly fish are a common site at ocean beach, but there usually aren't this many of them >> pam: they are pretty much all over the area. in the shore and up there and all the way up the sand. >> pam: moon jelly fish do have a mild toxin, but aren't usually a danger to people. mostly, seeing so many of them on shore is just strange... "it's really weird... " >> pam: with her hiking coastal on she made her way back to the shore and the shark makes its way back to the sea. they waited for about an hour but buddy the sharks did not come back so they felt pretty good about their efforts there. >> pam: and to a huge blaze in san jose damages were least one home. how the team is helping finance navigate the new train.
6:27 pm
>> jacqueline: if we have the secret war conditions out there to say we helped at ikea, we don't just design furniture.
6:28 pm
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: ind san francisco a man allegedly stills a truck and crashes into new is vehicles as he tries to get this man and a stolen grant picked up travel down market street and on to civic center plaza. some places driving the wrong way and on the sidewalk. he is then taken into custody. >> reporter: in san jose one home district and the sec that heavily damaged. in a fire alarm fire. entire san jose fire department battles this smoky flame pricked and
6:31 pm
90 degree heat. not down 20 minutes later but not until the flames spread from one home to the other. next door. no one was hurt and beat an investigation on the fire is still ongoing. >> reporter: sunnyvale police are searching for at least two suspects in regards to a pizza delivery robbery. and what is the that a driver was forced to get up his money at car. sunnyvale police are working on a description that at this point very generic, not latino man. they did not leave the company is being targeted to suggest opportunity. >> reporter: at the golden gate bridge work has started on repairing installation and removing.
6:32 pm
all this week, crude will shut down north and southbound curve lanes from 9 to 5. also starting significant remodel work on the toll plaza. >> reporter: berkeley a new wholefoods is coming to tamper it grows restore will open on a tent and gilman in november. to give about 2000 jobs. some people are concerned about the amount of traffic that will come about what this new project. >> reporter: the 49ers have put out a new video to help people get the route traffic as they are coming into lee by stadium. you see what this video look like. what the police department are helping to design ariel video that will help people
6:33 pm
navigate as they are coming into lee by stadium and help them get to certain sections of this stadium and part. officials say they had a smart fan at that has just come up the chicken down load on your android or iphone. that will also help with the parking situation entering and exiting lee by stadium. levi >> jacqueline: '80s through much of the north and south bay. as we look outside right now satellite radar picture id has been sunny. you see a local high cloud coverage coming up arrau monterey. moving up from the south it could clip portions of the south bay tonight.
6:34 pm
tracking fog tomorrow morning it will clear rather quickly that will help lead to warmer conditions in the bay area tomorrow. temperatures 80s and 90s in the south bay. we will get to 96 in morgan hill. with 100 and antioch. '80s inside the bay. it will be warmer correct as we take a look at the extended forecast is still pretty hot tomorrow and friday. cooling off into the weekend and early next week he was cute
6:35 pm
>> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:i am about to tell you where you can get a lot of free stuff, just visit castro valley like for instance this lovely slightly used sun bleached couch with a silver brick included >> reporter:or how about this lovely couch outside this day care center according to one of the workers it a new arrival >> reporter:so what the difference from free couch and the free couch with the sign, well one is a product of illegal dumping and the other is legally placed there >> reporter:confused yet? good .let me try to make sense of this >> reporter:you see castro vally is have a slight slight problem with illegal dumping but it's no where near the level of some cities my boss asked me not to say oakland so i won't >> reporter:if you look on the streets you will things like this vacuum cleaner just chilling like it waiting on a bus >> reporter:or how about these duel set of flat screen computer monitors looking for a new home but they are not alone next to them a keyboard in a plastic bag what more can you ask for >> reporter:now over here the lovely entertainment
6:36 pm
center sitting near the curb followed by a box of free stuff but want there is more some of the stuff has price tags >> reporter:what a minute so if i simply place a free sign or a price tag that is no longer considered illegal dumping? slow your roll and check this out >> reporter:just as long as the free stuff is on private property and the neighbors don't object its just that free stuff and can stay there till the cows come home . >> reporter:however if you place it on the sidewalk like this rug or this town up couch it's now has a new name its called illegal dumping and comes with fines and even jail time >> reporter:now there is yet another form of illegal dumping that often confuses people it's dumping on private property like behind this medical office where look a oxygen tank ok that a first for me >> reporter:but inside the dumpster household trash and yes a couch >> reporter:sometimes illegal dumping is the start of bigger things it's call the broken window theory sometimes the illegal dumping can lead to more serious crimes . that's something to consider >> reporter:in castro valley stanley roberts kron 4 news up next. >> pam: >> pam: san francisco already has the highest minimum wage in the state.
6:37 pm
now the city is letting voters decide if the pay will go up even more. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent! but my friends are learning skills that can change a life. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to help train dogs like suzie to engage students in schools and special education classes. while ginger visits folks in the hospital offering quiet comfort. with your help, we can do even more! make a donation at
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>> pam: san francisco's 15- dollar minimum wage proposal is headed to the voters. the measure on the november ballot. >> pam: the current minimum wage in san francisco is 10- 74. >> pam: the new measure would gradually increase it to 15 bucks an hour by 20- 18. >> pam: as part of the deal, labor activists who were pursuing wage ballot measure agreed to drop their effort. >> pam: they wanted the increase to take effect one year earlier, in 2017 >> pam: in oakland, the city council rejected a business- backed proposal to raise the minimum wage more gradually than a proposal going to voters in november. >> pam: the minimum wage there, and across the state in 9-dollars. >> pam: the proposed
6:41 pm
ordinance rejected last night would have increased the minimum wage in increments to 13-50 by 2018 and exempted certain non profits >> pam: the chevron refinery will receive in major upgrade critic of voting last night to improve $1 billion modernization project. the plan passed five -0. replacing my aunt and monitors. parks. new equipment and allow chevron to produce more oil at higher sulfur
6:42 pm
>> pam: gary will have the sports next!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary:bottom 1st/ 2-0 giants >> gary:gregor blanco flares one to the opposite field
6:46 pm
pablo sandoval scores 3-0 giants >> gary:bottom 3rd/ 3-3 tie >> gary:andrew susac gets his 1st major league hit and it's a tie breaking single sandoval scores susac's family loves it and look at the smile on susac 4-3 giants >> gary: top 4th/ 4-3 giants >> gary:jordy mecer 2-run home run off tim lincecum 5- 4 pirates >> gary:top 6th/ 5-4 pirates >> gary:jean machi walks the bases loaded but catches travis snider napping at 2nd base he is tagged out gaby sanchez breaks for home and is tagged out in a rundown for the inning-ending double play to end the threat >> gary:bottom 7th after blanco tied it 5-5 with a single >> gary:the pitch gets by pitcher chris stewart joe panik scores 6-5 giants >> gary: the bullpen continued to shut the door from there >> gary:final: 7-5 giants >> gary:snap 6-game losing steak score more runs than they had the entire home stand dodgers play tonight giantsa's/astros >> gary:jason hammel about to go 0-4 as an "a" >> gary:bottom 1st/ 1-0
6:47 pm
astros >> gary:matt dominguez singles to center off hammel marc krauss and jon singleton score 3-0 astros >> gary:after giving up an rbi single to make it 4-0 >> gary:robbie grossman takes hammel deep for a 2- run home run 6-0 astros in the 1st >> gary:bottom 5th/ 6-1 astros >> gary:singleton 2-run home run off hammel 8-1 astors >> gary:top 9th 2 outs >> gary:dallas keuchel gets brasndon moss to ground out for the complete game win a 4-hitter >> gary:final: 8-1 astros >> gary:angels losing right now a's up 2 games in the a.l. west >> gary: all this talk back and forth back and forth. contract is up at the end of the year and then do what is known as a rental with ham and signed him for next season and beyond. but to pick him up for the stretch drive. maybe 99 percent talk
6:48 pm
and 1% the things that actually get done for here is the 1% masterson has been acquired by the cardinals. he is an all-star pitcher it someone make a trade and not just talking. >> gary: is a look told bandit the deal. and the deal >> gary: hot dogs, merchandise 3 the jets 18 for the 49ers that's in last place for things that was purchased at the stadium. but when you do the old facebook and twitter plus is the graeme 49ers are six and raiders are 8 creek >> gary: smith was not at practice today he had to go
6:49 pm
to las angeles to address the incident that he allegedly made a false report of a bomb threat in loss' angeles international airport. i cannot help but smile. walk into the room and all then why did you say you had a bomb? >> gary: 49 our locker room, you could just live in it hit because it is so big. >> gary: i keep thinking that you have to win. when you put a product out there to support this thing at $1.2 billion. you are going to pay the price you have to pay it to keep going. placing 18 on the field that is great. i am not joking.
6:50 pm
half of that you would not even see the game. >> jacqueline: tv to watch the games on. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: this 25 year old or 26 year old men have to produce or no one will want to pay $300 for a meal on a regular basis >> gary: first to years do not get me wrong because it is so new. it is beautiful. it is going to be amazing trick >> gary: 8 years to block
6:51 pm
the tackle for dallas cowboys career at $40 million guaranteed. tired mind snapped. tyron smith >> gary: serving 130 mi. per hour were the fastest serve in the history of the women tennis tournament. previous record held by david williams. it real quick before we get out of here. the nba announced today that lebron james and the clevland cavaliers will play the miami heat. in miami. christmas day. it will be lebron's first game against his former team. return to >> gary: taking off his
6:52 pm
shoes and throw them out into the crowd and then the shorts come off. he signs his shorts and throw them into the crowd. of course everyone is going crazy. that is a good teas. >> pam: (laughter) >> pam: i am glad that you enjoyed it gary! (laughter) ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse. switch and we can stay together forever. forever? ow. i'm not gonna lie to you. it's also the biting.
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6:55 pm
>> pam: more trouble for g- m. >> pam: a lawyer is suing the automaker on behalf of more than 600 people injured in killed by crashes allegedly caused by ignition switch defects. >> pam: all of the victims were involved in crashes after g-m emerged from bankruptcy protection in 2009.
6:56 pm
>> pam: g-m currently has a compensation fund set up for the 2-point-6 million vehicals initially recalled for ignition switch problems. >> pam: most of the vehicles listed in today's lawsuit were not part of that recall. >> pam: netflix and a-t and t are joining forces. >> pam: the online service decided to pick up some of the bill connection directly to a-t and t, instead of using a third party to deliver your movies and shows. >> pam: earlier this year, netflix reached a similar deal with verizon after public outcry over sluggish speeds. return >> pam: justin bieber almost gets k-oe'd by orlando bloom and sharknado 2 returns to tv tonight. as social media gets ready for the second coming of sharknado! the insider's kevin frazier has stories for us tonight from hollywood. pam. clearly. orlando bloom has a beef with justin bieber. but why? it seems this has been >> pam: brewing for awhile. and it all came to a head last night. here's what we know went down. >> pam: hit, as this footage shows the moment he narrowly missed making contact with the biebs, and instaed hit justin's bodyguard.
6:57 pm
bulldog: bulldog: [yawn] i just had a dream i was at mattress discounters with tempur-pedic and the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! icomfort, by serta... optimum, by posturepedic... ahh! comforpedic, by beautyrest... ooh! 48 months interest-free financing, free delivery, and queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! that's more mattresses than you can shake a bone at. ♪ mattress discounters
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and the year-end revolution. the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. ♪ >> in this corner, the biebs. his late-night battle with orlando bloom. and women caught in the middle. plus, a very bad decision. >> the kardashian curse apparently doesn't discriminate. >> her full name tattooed on him. >> rob's ex versus big sis, inside the war of words. ♪ then, hollywood's rear end revolution. we're behind the new cosmetic surgery trend. >> [ bleep ] becomes the new face. ♪ >> and -- it's happening again. >> all new, "sharknado." >> let's go kill some sharks! now, the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. it's the "insider," together
7:00 pm
with yahoo! can't we all just get along? orlando bloom takes a swipe at bieber while kim k takes her rumble to twitter and we go from rumbles to rump shaking, hollywood's obsession with, um, backsides. hang with me, it's that good. hello, i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm thea andrews. we have all of that. >> all of it. >> plus, bloodthirsty sharks, means the second coming of the "sharknado." bum bum bum. first, let's get to orlando's beat with the biebs. this has been brewing for a while, but it all came to a head last night, but it wasn't justin that got hit. it wasn't orlando's greatest hit, as this footage shows, the moment he narrowly missed making contact with the biebs and instead, hit justin's bodyguard. >> i don't tell security how to do their job. >> the throwdown went down at the celebrity-packed restaurant, cipriani


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